Why you should not take American English verbal lessons from trainers



There are many American centers in different cities which promise you that in just 3 months, you will be able to speak fluent English. I normally don’t want to say anything regarding the tall promise which they make but I am forced to write this post because they are playing with the lives of people. They are charging lots of money and their method of teaching is not what they should really be adopting. For example, it is important to teach “tenses” in the beginning to polish English skills.


Now, most of these centers don’t teach tenses. Perhaps, they believe in showcasing their work just by hiring “fluent speakers”. By seeing them speaking very well in English, we come under the false impression that if we just follow on what they say, then we will be able to speak fluent English. I can guarantee on the important aspect where if you don’t know tenses very well, then you will really be facing problems while constructing sentences because whatever sentence we make, has to do with tenses while other things come secondary.

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The way they teach huge number of students in also objectionable


They have many students more than the desired capacity for an individual to understand and grasp things. Importantly, the kind of teaching methods they adopt, minimizes the possibility for anybody to ask queries.

Also, the level of English knowledge will be different for everybody all do all of them have gathered at a single platform with the same aim of polishing their verbal English. This is where that aspect of commercialization comes into force.


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They may be knowing English very well but when it comes to systematically inspiring each and every single student in the class in a productive manner, then this is where the commercial angle plays its part. Since, the trainers will be more concerned about cosmetically inspiring you, than anything else.

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Not much personal attention is given


Every single student in the class does have doubts in English and based on frequent queries only, the trainer can be in a better position  to ascertain the level of your knowledge. Now, unless and until individual attention isn’t given, then how you can expect the progress to happen in a much needed manner.


Why you should not take American English verbal lessons from trainers

My question is how can you expect that people in these centers will be able to speak fluent English in few months without paying individual attention? Yes, it is just a myth as most of the passouts lack basic English.


I would rather suggest you to practice yourself at home


How can I improve English at home?


  • You should know tenses and also the ways of using them


  • Stand in front of camera and speak while maintaining eye contact as well


I can guarantee that as you use these methods your English will improve. Likewise, your hard earned money will be saved as well.

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2 reasons why I am not able to polish English even after so many years now


One of the prime reasons is because you haven’t been working on the root cause of English. Such as knowing about tenses which are regarded to be the base.

So, ask yourself,

  • Do I really know tenses?

By tenses, I mean Present, Past and Future

    • Can I create sentences in any form if so require?
    • Do I know the ways to make present continuous sentences?
    • Am I able to create Future Perfect sentences?
    • Do I know how Past indefinite sentences are going to be formulated?

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Likewise, the “tenses” part necessitates you to polish and empower yourself with the detailed mechanism of knowing each and every single way, by which sentences can be created. Or else, I am afraid to say that no matter you may be practicing English for years, but still, if the basic thing isn’t addressed, then the house will simply crumble lick pack of cards, because its base isn’t strengthened.

Similar you are to be blamed when while speaking, you can’t relate the exact word which you want to describe certain occasion

      • Are you unable to relate the perfect word which can relate your emotions?
      • Is it taking too much of pressure in you, where you aren’t able to maintain fluency because you have to wait and pressurize your mind in the hope of using specific words?
      • Does this lack of vocabulary prevent you to talk with professionals in your office or gathering?
      • Is it taking toll on your personality?
      • Have you started maintaining low self esteemed because of this?
      • Are you really looking for ways to broaden the base of your vocabulary?

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If yes is your answer, then I have the best mechanism which will work in your favor. Yes, I am talking about how you need to learn at least one word on daily basis.


Yes, after you learn the word, make sure to make at least 5 sentences out of it. That’s very important or else your job is half done. Or else, not only you will forget that specific word, but also you may never be able to use it in a sentence.

See, what I am trying to explain to you is that learning a word is one thing and making the use of that word in a sentence is another.

So, where you should learn the new word?

Well, you should read newspaper and any new word, which you don’t know the meaning of, you should write it down. That’s important and also refer the dictionary for its exact meaning and try making sentence out of it. This will give you a practical and stronger force to speak directly. Now, your mind won’t become hollow during the middle of your conversation. As you have sufficient quantity of words with you to use them as well.

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