2 crazy ways to improve English fast


When I say crazy ways I mean it

The following post only has practically proven ways to improve English without a second thought:-


Ok, let me ask you a query, Can you recall that time of your life, especially as you began to speak English, for the first time, can you understand how “low” you knowingly kept the pitch of your voice? People deliberately keep this fact due to the associated fear.

Well, first time learns or for that matter, the subsequent learners during to lack of sufficient practice only maintain a low voice which often becomes a negative point for them.


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  1. Talk to yourself at the top of your voice in a hysterical manner in front of mirror

I am sure you can relate this where if anybody comes to you to ask for anything and on finding the person to be speaking very slowly, you feel that it needs morale booster. Isn’t it? In the same manner, if are in the habit of speaking slowly, the first and the foremost thing you need to change in yourself is to know the kind of pitch you need to maintain. Now, while in the process to polish your skills, you can start practicing at unceasingly high pitch in a room where you are alone.


What you can do?

Stand in front of mirror and make eye contact with yourself, but the condition is that you have to speak at a higher pitch. This is only done to remove the associated worries and tensions which you may come up with later on. Now, as you continue to work on this, you will not be surrounding with any of the associated tensions and worries which most of the people may be finding themselves under. Many people may term you to be crazy, but you should know very well, regarding what you are doing and this motivation should be enough for you to follow suit. Isn’t it a great way to make way for better, happier and fruitful and easy times of your life?


Do you know the biggest obstacle during the time of polishing English??

Well, it is the lack of confidence. Now, in order to give this trait a befitting reply, I want you to speak in a gathering right from before.

You need to simple find yourself comfortable in a get-together like that in a press-club or any other place which often becomes the center stage for most of the intellectuals on regular basis. It can even be taking part in monthly or periodical meetings which happen over certain causes for which that specific organization is working for such as girl’s education, women empowerment etc

What you need to do?

Move out of your comfort zone, by asking queries after the end of address. You may practice asking about the associated query of what the certain meeting has been for, example, if it has been for women safety, then you can devise queries to be asked such as the following:-

What government is doing to enhance the aspect of women safety?

How common people can help towards ensuring safety of women?


It can even be of any kind (it may just be anything in general, like what is Bermuda triangle) in English. People may term you to be crazy, but you know the real thing which you are working on, is to build on your confidence by strengthening the base of English.

Atleast make efforts to speak this way. It may be a huge problem in the start, but don’t worry, you will eventually be able to counter the inner sense of fear and anxiety. When you start to practice speaking in a get together, where based on your taking initiative to talk to people, you will eventually realize the extent of awesomeness you are going to experience in the process. Yes, I mean, the feeling of gaining accomplishment where as you get the responses from people, you feel that you have successfully passed one hurdle. Now, as you continue speaking, you will keep on realizing the extent of success which you will meet as a result, much to your happiness and jubilation.

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