How can I practice making Present Continuous sentences in the next 5 minutes? – Tips

What are Present continuous sentences? How can I practise them

Present continuous tenses are the ones which signifies a moving action.

For example, eating, walking, moving, drinking, speaking, shouting etc.

Let’s take a look at the ways to construct sentences in Present Tense

Use of is/are/am
“Ing” will be included in the “main verb”



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• I am eating food

• He is going for a walk

• They are speaking since 4o’ clock

Let’s take a look at negative sentences of Present Continuous Tense

• I am not going to listen to you because you are at fault

• She isn’t eating food, inspite of being warned by her mother





• They aren’t talking to one another due to some issue

• He is simply not going to succeed with such an attitude

• They are not listening me inspite of the fact, that I have been requesting them for the last one hour

Let’s take a look at Interrogative Negative Sentence

• Isn’t he doing my work, inspite of my repeated warnings?

• Aren’t you going to listen to me, even though I hold authority?


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• Am I not listening to you?


• Aren’t the masses skeptical about the party winning the election, especially after the charges levelled on one of their members?

• Isn’t she currently studying, as I don’t doubt, since I expect her to be engrossed in studies?

• Aren’t you going to like my picture on Facebook, as you promised to do the same?

• Why aren’t you going to school, even though your parents want you to continue studies?

• How come he isn’t showing signs of seriousness, especially after his debacle in the last match?

Let’s take a look at two negative sentences in one
Have a look at the negative sentences combined in one

• She isn’t going to obey his order, as both of them aren’t in good terms with each

• I am not reading the book, as my teacher isn’t giving my permission to read it

• Indian team isn’t going to travel to Pakistan to play the match, especially after the talk between the two nations isn’t ending on a fruitful note

• My son isn’t going to participate in the annual event in school, as inspite of my requests, the doctor isn’t advising me to encourage him to take part, due to health reasons

• Now, it is official, that the two teams isn’t playing in the tournament as the concerned authorities isn’t getting a satisfactory report of safety


• The doctor isn’t going to operate the person, especially in the wake of advisory issued by the government, that the “said” doctor’s degree isn’t passing legitimate records

• The advocate is’t working on my case anymore, especially in the wake of negative reports shown in the media which made him think, that I am n’t being honest.

• Why aren’t you waiting for me, as I can’t go without you to the interiors of the country


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