How can I improve American English?


The world seems to be crazy for American English. After all, it is quite widely spoken around the world. Except for few spellings and little bit of change in dialect, English is quite similar to the rest part of the world in terms of countries such as Canada, Australia, Britain etc.


Few of the American phrases worth mentioning are as follows:



  1. “What’s up?” – Means “what are you doing” or “How are you”? (You can use casually)


But, based on the literal meaning of the query, if you responded

It’s the sky (wrong)


It would be

  • I am great (Correct)
  • I am doing good (Correct)


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  1. Dunno – it’s a slang of Don’t know


  • I dunno how long will my friend take to come, as he is always infamous of being late at such crucial scenarios.
  • Can anybody here tell where my brother is? Everyone replied, “We dunno”



“Cool” and “Awesome” – Describe positivity and happy state. It signifies that you are perfectly happy and pleased with the idea




Let’s take a look at how these two words are used


Hey, I am going to join you at the party tonight, “Cool”

I am pretty “cool” with the idea of travelling late at night

How “awesome” the weather has turned out to be now!!!!



  1. Hanging out – Spending time over a place as a source of recreation


It can be used in sentences such as


  • Do you want to hang out in the park with me?
  • In my free time, I often hang out in the mall
  • Let’s plan to create a bonfire to welcome our Alumni where all of us will hangout this weekend.
  • It has been many months since we haven’t met each other, we must hang out sometime



  1. To chill out – Verb – Relaxing


  • After successfully taking our exams, we finally managed to chill with our friends


  • Don’t have negative perception that you are going to fail, just relax


  1. To have a blast – Verb – To enjoy to the fullest


  • Last night, on our friend’s marriage party, everyone had a blast


  • My 50th marriage anniversary was a special moment for everyone, where I loved the fact that everyone had a blast


  • I am sure, you are going to have a blast, if you happen to join us


  1. To dump somebody – To stop talking or to forget with the immediate effect


  • It is very strange that Alex dumped his best friend, since he came alone to the party, much to the surprise and bewilderment


  • How can you be so cruel to dump her for no fault of her



Geek (noun) referring or mentioning the person in a negative manner


  • I am a studious student who can study for hours together, as I am not a geek like her





 “Y’all” is the short form of “You all” means you are directing  to a group of people




Considering the globalised world, we are living in, the craze for American English has become way more than ever before.


Likewise, verbal English has become very important in today’s era. Your success is directly proportional to your knowledge and experience which you possess in your desired field. And also the level of English you know right from giving interview to talking with your colleagues or clients. Everywhere, your English is tested and you can either make or break your reputation. That is the reason, why importance of English has become huge these days. Infact, using English in our day today activities give us confidence and we feel happy.


We obviously increase our chance to succeed with a greater mechanism that what we would have otherwise expected it to be.  So, don’t be sad thinking about why you couldn’t be able to polish your English skills in the past, your smartness lies in the fact where you can start devising plans from now on.



Now let’s start telling important ways to improve English:-



Watch News Anchors delivering News on channels like CNBC

Your journey towards practicing your American English lies on how you create a conducive scenario for yourself. Your main aim is to polish

Your English

And also to Imbibe American Accent. Isn’t it?

Now, closely watch the way news anchors deliver the speech with regards to the specific accent, they adopt. Based on watching for a specific length of time, you need to practice speaking as well.

Stand in front of mirror


We should know that it is our individual efforts which will matter a lot while polishing English.  So stand in front of mirror and talk by looking at your own eyes. You will benefit from this act greatly. Yes, it is important to make eye contact and as you do over a period of time you will get the best possible result which you are expecting



Improve your communication skills


Your verbal English will get a lot of help if your communication skills are good. You may feel shy while speaking with others by making eye contact and unfortunately we blame “poor English”  as the cause for not  able to speak well. Your English may not actually be as poor as you may think it to be. Yes, from my experience I am telling that if your communication skills are good then you will get a boost and possibly learn American English a lot faster.


Try to address people in a gathering


We should make efforts of speaking in a gathering.  Initially it can be used in any language. The reason behind is that it will help you get confidence and motivation. Yes, it will enhance your communication skills where through this exercise, you will start believing on yourself that
“yes you can speak in front of others”.  Slowly as your confidence improves, then you can easily start speaking in English. For the same reason, most of us may be able to write well, but when it comes to verbal English, we may be facing hesitation.


Also watch on American news TV shows such as CNN


Yes, in order to polish your American English, you need content to talk about. So while watching debates on television your knowledge base will increase and you will love to initiate similar kind of debates with your friends either “for” or “against” the topic. Yes, in the process you try to imbibe the local dialect as well which may help you.



Try to be louder while speaking


We fail to realize that our confidence level is directly proportional to the level of pitch.  You should always try to talk at a higher pitch because it automatically shows that you are confident, enthusiastic and motivated. People will s start making a positive perception which will benefit you further.




Let’s also take a look at what certain words are known specifically in American English with respect to Indian English


American English British English Explanation
Restaurant Hotel In U.S English, you use the word “Hotel” for staying at night ex. J.W Marriot.
Grocery Store Super Market The store where house supplies and vegetables are available
Cross Walk Zebra Crossing It is other name for Zebra crossing
Soda Cold Drink Americans use “Soda” for cold drinks
Egg plant Brinjal People in U.S will fail to understand if you ask the Grocery store to give you Brinjal, use Egg Plant instead
Clippers Nail Cutter U.S people use clippers to cut their nails
Pants Trousers People in U.S purchase pair of  pants as this is how it is known there
Mixer/Blender Mixi or Mixie It is  commonly referred as Blender
Eraser Rubber Your use eraser to erase things written from Pencil. Rubber in U.S is meant contraceptive
Peanuts Groundnuts Another popular word for snacks
Sneakers Sports Shoe Running shoes are known as sneakers
Battery Cell Battery is used for charging, and if you say “cell”, they will think as “cell phone”
Sidewalk Footpath or pavement In U.S it is said as sidewalk
Percent/Grade Marks Teachers and professors use “Grades” or “Percent”, unlike marks


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