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Do you know the most important way of creating a pleasant effect in the mind of your examiner who checks your copy?


In order to find the answer, let’s read the following post


Make use of new English words


When it is the English Grammar paper, then there is a general notion, that teacher would be  perceiving your English to be great, if he/she finds out that you have used new words. Just Google phrase like “some difficult but common words” and as you get a list, learn them by heart and also know their use in a sentence. Try using them in your English paper.

Yes, instead of using common words, use the synonyms (which you have learnt). Make sure, that they fit perfectly in a sentence.


In order to increase your chance of getting these words. greater degree of exposure, use the in places such as “Headlines” or “Titles” or in “Bullet points” as these areas are observed greatly.

Although, this practice isn’t recommended yet, if you want to make impact at the last hour then you can actually use it.



Your handwriting matters


The most obvious way where you can help your examiner to easily read the content is that when your writing is good. Yes, it will help you teacher to read each and every single line quickly. Likewise, it also creates a positive perception in his/her  mind as well.


Don’t make the mistake of overwriting or cutting a part of your content


You know English and by default the teacher who is actually checking your English is also under the impression about it through your writing style.(unless and until ofcourse you make mistake to create a negative perception of yourself). Now over writing or cutting few words will send a negative signal to the teacher who will naturally consider it that you are confused as to what you were writing before.


So what to do in the event when you have made a mistake


Basically, here the nature of your mistake matters. If it is very small like you just have to change “one” single letter from the word then that can be done. But having said that, if in case it relates to changing the whole line or maybe two three lines, then you better not delete it with your pen. Yes that’s very important. If you do, I am afraid it is going to send a wrong signal. Leave it like that it may look “odd” to you but by default the teacher may give you benefit of doubt as he/she may not be able to closely introspect the same. The specific mistake will probably be about how you could have said in a better manner, so you can start further by saying, “I mean…..” However, if you rectified it, then you are surely going to give your examiner the chance to closely scrutinize those specific  line(s)  and you are going to lose marks for sure.  I have made the mistake in my class 10th exam and I learnt this basic fact with the final marks I got. Honestly I was not actually expecting so low marks but I got


Bigger the better


There is no shortage of paper in the examination hall right? Now your smartness tell you  how to write with a bigger font by ensuring slightly greater space between the words. Here, it is important not to overdo it.


Make sure that the overall presentation is very good


  • When it comes to adding “headlines” or “bullet points” and underlining any specific word which you want to emphasize. Yes, you should make use of all of them in the best possible manner if possible


  • Leave a line below the headline just to make it more presentable and also it will help you to access comparably greater space of your notebook


  • In between two answers leave at least 3-4 lines just to make it easy for the teacher to go through every single answer. As you know that it is going to indirectly benefit you as well

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